Sticker display

Paint, mdf board, glue plastic
200 x 170 cm

Lichtkrant appropriation

200 x 310 cm

Wellness weekend

Op een mooi bad gaat eenieder graag prat! was a promotion slogan for the Wellness Weekend, an event that took place in the BIN, a former bath shop. The quote was appropriated from an old sticker that I found in the BIN building. In the centre of Turnhout there are seven matrix-boards, that show the local news and events to the inhabitants of the city.

The Wellness Weekend was the outcome of a workshop-week with the Studio for Immediate Spaces from the Sandberg Instituut. Together, the studio built a Wellness Centre that consisted of a sauna, foam swimming pool, light bath, mud tower and sticker display. The project was initiated by Martin Belou, Parking Club (Elise Van Mourik, Laure Jaffuel) and the Studio for Immediate Spaces.